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Mr. Hussain Al Abdool, MD of SeaTrail receiving the award for ‘Best Manufacturing Business’


SeaTrail is a steel fabrication Company established in 1992 primarily as a Manufacturer of Boat Trailers. Under the able leadership of Mr.Hussain Al Abdool,  the Company has grown to include the manufacture of a large range of Trailers, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Waste Containers, and Customization of vehicles for the Military and other sectors.

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The vision of SeaTrail is to be leader in the steel fabrication industry, by focusing on PEOPLE, CUSTOMER, TECHNOLOGY and passionately driving excellence throughout the organization.


Be the market leader in steel  fabrication and solution.


Continue improving the quality of our products.


Develop new ideas/designs and expand our scope of services.


Better understand customers’ needs and expectation.



SeaTrail engineering staff consists of the disciplines necessary for steel products and component performance. SeaTrail’s knowledge base includes commodity design foundry processes, characterization and qualification of components, advanced package assembly techniques, customizations, implementation of military and defense standards, as well as document and drawing preparation.

No matter what your specification may be, SeaTrail is ready to solve your most demanding requirements in steel produced products. We can successfully coordinate customer designs with steel availability to provide a final working product. SeaTrail is constantly meeting the challenges of increasing complexity and costs of commodity design, while offering options and cost/time-saving procedures.

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