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SeaTrail was established in 1992 with a vision to establish a fabrication unit that can provide solution for all fabrication problems. SeaTrail under the skilled and experienced leadership of Mr. Hussain Abdol Managing Director, UAE national was quickly able to come at par with competitive market. Initially SeaTrail  started manufacturing different types of trailers that included boat, horse, camel, and container. With the ongoing expansion and growth of the cities of the UAE, Waste containers were added to the production line in 1995. Quality products manufactured by SeaTrail paved the way and currently we are supplying waste containers to the following municipalities and organizations;

  1. Dubai Municipality
  2. Sharjah Municipality
  3. Ajman Municipality
  4. Alain Municipality
  5. Qatar Municipality
  6. Yemen Municipality
  7. Renowned Constructions Companies all over the United Arab Emirates


The vision of seaTrail as a steel fabrication company is to provide complete solution in the field of Waste Management, Ground Support Equipment, Material Handling Solutions and Airport Luggage Carriers. The quality of our products earned us the reputation of dependability. Continuous hard work, striving for the best quality and dedication are striving force behind our tremendous success. With the help of qualified engineering staff, state of the art production facility, mechanical production methods and highly skilled and experienced workforce, we are always ready to take the challenges of new projects, which is the driving force behind our tremendous growth, research and development.

  1. Be the market leader in steel fabrication and solution.
  2. Continue improving the quality of our products.
  3. Develop new ideas/designs and expand our scope of services.
  4. Better understand customersí needs and expectation.
Engineering Experience

SeaTrail engineering staff consists of the disciplines necessary for steel products and component performance. SeaTrailís knowledge base includes commodity design foundry processes, characterization and qualification of components, advanced package assembly techniques, customizations, implementation of military and defense standards, as well as document and drawing preparation.

No matter what your specification may be, SeaTrail is ready to solve your most demanding requirements in steel produced products. It can successfully coordinate customer designs with steel availability to provide a final working product. SeaTrail is constantly meeting the challenges of increasing complexity and costs of commodity design while offering options and cost/time-saving procedures.


The site manufacturing capabilities of the SeaTrail include advanced production equipment. Our mechanical production methods minimize operator error and ensure consistency. We maintain the strict environmental controls necessary in steel fabrication.


Garbage Bin Range

Trade Bins
  • 1.1 CBM GARBAGE BIN; DIN30700
  • 2.5 CBM GARBAGE BIN; DIN30780
  • 4.5 CBM GARBAGE BIN; DIN30780
QUALITY: BS EN ISO 9001:2000

Custom build garbage bins
  • 0.7 CBM Garbage Bins
  • 1.7 CBM Garbage Bins

Industrial Bins
  • 5 CBM Conical Skips
  • 2. 7 CBM Conical Skips
  • 3. 8 CBM Conical Skips
  • 4. 10 CBM Conical Skips

In addition to waste management and trailers SeaTrail is also providing material handling solutions, airport luggage carriers solutions, storage system for air port dollies etc. In the field of Ground Support SeaTrail has already served more than 10 Air Ports in the GCC countries, and its Main client list is a bellow for your reference.

Clientís affiliation & long term contracts:

  1. DNATA
  2. Department of Civil Aviation DCA
  3. Dubai Flower Center DFC
  4. Dubai International Airport
  5. General Head Quarters (Special Armored Forces)
  6. Victory Team
  7. Riviera Boats
  8. Abu Dhabi International Airport
  9. Abu Dhabi Airport Services ADAS
  10. Department of Civil Aviation of Khartoum Air Port Sudan

SeaTrail has also specialized in producing military shelters accordance to the latest American and European standards. Due to high quality and substantial price leading airports of the region are using the air port luggage carriers and material handling solutions made by sea trail.

The Vehicle modification unit is the one who transforms any bare vehicle in to any specialized vehicle as per clientís desire and requirements, i.e. integrated workshops, Communication Center, Mobile office, Command and control center, emergency vehicles and Light Tower vehicles for air ports.

SeaTrail also offers a number of fast reusable products such as, Quick Hanger, Quick Shelters, and Quick Building, Generator Canopies, etc. The latest addition to our product line in the supply of garbage chutes, which is the part and parcel every new construction project.

The quality of our products earned us the reputation of dependability and brought us to recognize and improve the whole system in the company, thereby achieving the coveted ISO 9001:2000. With this reputation sea trail has associated with many foreign companies and have been involved in many automobile, air craft and marine projects.

Above is a glance of our success and we have established a new wing in which we are providing services in the field metal Fabrication. We have in house facility of CNC Punching, CNC Plasma, CNC Cutting, Water jet Cutting and other required machinery related to the filed of fabrication. Having such In house facility we can fulfill any kind of fabrication Job.

With the vision to serve you batter we are looking for to develop everlasting business relations with your esteemed organization.


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